Classes for Yoga in Napa, CA

All of our classes for yoga in Napa, CA, are 60 minutes.  All classes are for all levels, come to any of these classes, and you will be able to participate. No previous yoga experience necessary. Class sizes are semi-private and always allow for lots of personal attention.

We offer these 4 classes as a well-rounded experience for yoga. Contact us to learn more about our yoga classes. 


Move at a meditative pace, creating alignment and balance. 

Connect breathe and movement.


Sink in, stretching deeper layers of fascia.


Release deep tension.

Yoga For Seniors

The therapeutic effects of yoga are not just for the young and flexible; it can work wonders on the body and mind of seniors. There are countless benefits to senior yoga classes, not the least of which include mobility and strength. As we age, we lose muscle tone, bone density, and flexibility. The increased risk of injury due to these issues is one of the leading reasons seniors end up in the hospital. The risk of falling is a primary concern for people who are aging. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that yoga can help decrease that possibility and increase the quality of life.

Our senior yoga classes take into consideration their needs and address the potential physical limitations of their age. We offer seated classes that mean everyone can participate and feel safe while in the class. Yoga for older adults will help loosen and stretch painful muscles, reduce stress, stimulate circulation, lower blood pressure, and improve balance. With all these benefits, there’s no reason not to try our classes! 

Whether you’re a beginner at yoga or a seasoned pro, we’d love to have you come to a class and give it a try!