Voted Best Massage Services in Napa by North Bay Bohemian

Visit our day spa and find out what makes us the best spa in Napa Valley. Let the sounds of running water and the soft glow of candlelight bring you to a place deep inside where you feel peace and calm.

Relaxing Massage Napa Valley

Having a massage in Napa at St. Pierre Massage and Spa allows you to relax with an expert’s rhythmic and relaxing touch. The best massage in Napa starts with a warm neck bolster, warm steamy towels, and an extra wide heated massage table with memory foam.

Couples Massage Napa Valley

For the perfect couples massage you may choose any massage in the company of each other. Double the individual cost for our couples massage.

Relaxing Swedish

Deep Tissue

30 min: $98
60 min: $148
75 min: $178 
90 min: $198

Special Treats to be Added to Your Massage

Pampering treats are given during the massage time.



Choose from a seasonal selection of eco-certified organic essential oils to be added to your massage.

Warm Stone Therapy 

Full Body Stretch

This service is provided fully clothed. Please wear comfortable stretchy clothing to allow full movement.

One of our highly trained Massage Therapists will provide a full body stretch combining breath with movement. Cues are given on when to inhale and exhale and provide for longer stretch holds. Oxygen travels to new spaces in the body allowing for a deeper release in every stretch. This service feel good.

30 min: $78

60 min: $98